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tryin to feel better

Did a small local job today. So very tired by the end of a few hours
Quess the Doc was correct, need to rest more. At my age my body just says NO
Oh well at least i'm still breathing

needed rest

Felt dizzy and severe headaches the other day. Went to the Doc and he said I needed to rest for 2 weeks. Well I rested for 3 days and feel a little better so will try to work again
My allergies are now in full mode, itchy eyes, runny nose you know the rest
Its awful this time of year 


Sorry to all today. I left my phone at home and did not get back till 7.30pm.
I felt that my arm was missing. ahhhhhhh. How we rely on phones.
I wanted to find a contractors site and could not do so.
Its only the 2nd time in 2 years but its still frustrating

Gas and Miles

I just wish my van did more miles to the gallon. 14mpg
I may have to increase my rates as losing money on all my trips.
Either that or charge a gas fee?
Hate even thinking about it but hey its just a fact of life

Interesting day

Went to look at a job and decided to bring my work home.
I bought materials and made a cage for a basement condo so owners can keep their personal stuff inside
Pics to come

Long week, not over yet

Still have to work 7 days a week and failing to get it all done
The weather has ruined my outside work
It has to get warmer sometime soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Very nice day

Monday March 3rd
I had a very nice day with an Angie's list customer. Varied work for this customer who is also a fellow artist. That's her living I wish mine was, lol
Still great work, great chats and even a little help holding a fan blade or two
That's what it's all about. A good days work with a really nice customer.
Game over and thank you 

Sorry to all / Chicken bites back

I have as sick as a dog over the last 4 days and today Friday I felt better. Chicken can be dangerous.
Sorry to all who have had to wait and had no contact from me.
My only contact has been with my bed and the bathroom (TMI)
Anyway I am back in the land of the living again
I hate being sick and have this so very frustrating plus no income for 4 days

Finally 2 days off

Its taken me 9 days but finally 2 days to be at home. Catch up. Have a beer or 2 and  simply relax a little.
We maybe today was not a complete day off as I did an estimate this morning for a very nice lady. Very nice to talk with someone about many things with a few joks and a nice laugh. Enjoyed it. Thanks
There are some nice people out there

Worked last Sat/Sunday

Very nice family with the nicest kids.
Put up waynes coating  / bead board in wood and pvc in 2 bathrooms. Took forever to cut each piece try it then cut again.
However the finished look was ok.
Had to remove the sink and toilet in one bathroom but it was worth the effort.
Thanks to the family in Fort Mill

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tryin to feel better
needed rest
Gas and Miles
Interesting day


Another 10 hour day
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